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Original Xiaomi Mijia ZAYATA Portable Smart Bluetooth Pill Case Kit Alarm Timer Drug Storage Box Office Home School

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Name: Smart portable pill case
Mode: M101A
Size: 11.3 x 11.3 cm x 2.7 cm
Net weight: 120g
Color: white
Material: ABS

Package including:
1 x Pill case
1 x Flannelette bag
1 x Manual
1 x Certification
1 x Packing box Please note: The pill case were manufactured by Xiaomi eco-system company ZAYATA. There is no Xiaomi marks on the product or package. Power Specifications Two sections of 7# (AAA) battery (Note: the product does not contain batteries, can be purchased from the local supermarket)

The product contains: Pill box *1 Velvet bag*1 Manual (Chinese) Certificate (Chinese) Box

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Additional information

Weight 0.29 kg
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 10 cm


Control Channels

2 Channels

Max Speed

xiaomi zayata Pill case


Slot,Ride On

State of Assembly



xiaomi smart home

Brand Name


Model Number

xiaomi smart Pill case


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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.