Our Mission

It is a jungle out there.

In the e-commerce era, many companies (old and new, strong and fragile) are fiercely fighting for a foothold and a share of the market.

No matter how big or small an online retailer is, the e-commerce business world is tough and fierce. New entrants are coming every day, and with no doubt, they will face huge competition and may or may not survive the tough battles. However, we at Browse & Pick strongly believe that the main key to succeed relies on a simple formula: Keep it simple, Stand Out from the crowd and Be Different.

The e-commerce business has been immensely growing year after year; and will continue to grow for many upcoming decades. Not only the number of retailers is increasing, but also online shoppers and product lines. Nowadays, any consumer regardless of age, sex or geographical location has the reach to products sold where ever in the world.

The whole world has become an accessible single market. Therefore, the opportunity is big; but real success is due to those who mainly come with new perspectives and intentions to provide the consumers with the solutions they are looking for. In simple terms, promising to deliver a true Value Proposition. With this in mind, we came out with the idea of Browse & Pick (www.browseandpick.com).

We are not interested to be just another online store. We want to be different, and therefore we want to stand out from the crowd and deal with our customers using a simple and transparent Value Proposition statement:

“Our aim is not to be providing you with just any solutions; instead, we will be striving to find the best available solutions and bring them to you”.

Having this statement in mind, our Value Proposition will be focusing on the following:

1- Our store will only sell the highest quality products:

There are hundreds of millions of different products available on the internet. Many are replicated from the genuine product, and many are very bad replicas. The selection process is extremely hard, especially when customers need to invest lots of their times searching within the digital jungle. Our role is to bring you the best selections available in terms of quality.
Therefore, our catalog will be built up gradually with time to include as many categories as possible to meet all preferences. If a customer can’t find his/her target product just drop us a message and we will locate the best for you.

2- Our store will offer the latest trendy products available on the market:

We will strive to get you first access to the latest hot and trendy products launched by manufacturers around the world. If you are registered on our site, you will be the first to know about them and get the chance to buy them from our store.

3- Most importantly, we will give you the best pricing model:

High-quality products come with a price premium. But don’t worry, we will be giving you the best pricing available for the product in the market. You may find similar products at lower prices elsewhere. However, we would like you to be able to differentiate the quality factor. Best way to challenge us is to try to buy the same product from us and different retailers and compare the difference. If we are not better, we are ready to return the product and pay you back the price.

4- Our frequent customers will enjoy our special loyalty program:

We have developed a loyalty program dedicated to our loyal customers. It is only fair to pay them back generously for their repetitive business.